Skip bin hire

Usually while cleaning a house or renovation a lot of junk or unwanted material has to be removed from the house. Most people have dust bins which are of limited capacity, so they cannot get rid of all the junk at a time using these dustbins. They will often use plastic bags to get store the garbage before disposing of them. Also, the local government is usually having some norms for the disposal of the junk, some materials cannot be dumped in the garbage. Hence increasingly people living in homes which are being cleaned, undergoing renovation are opting to hire Skip Bins to get rid of their waste conveniently and easily.

What is Skip Bin Hire?
Families, individuals and businesses in Sydney like removalists Sydney and other places can hire Hire a Skip Bin, which is a large plastic container for a period varying from one day to a longer period. They can dump all the unwanted items, construction debris or other junk in the skip bin for a specified period, which depends on the time they require for cleaning or renovation. At the end of the bin lease, the company leasing the bin will collect it and dispose of the waste in the bin according to waste disposal norms specified by the government.

How much do skip bins cost to hire?
Typically the cost of hiring a skip bin depends on the size of the bin, type of waste and duration for which the skip bin will be hired. The skip bins are defined by the capacity of the material they can accommodate. They are available in different sizes varying from two cubic meters to twelve cubic meters or more. The waste dumped in the skip bin is classified based on its weight, with light waste, costing less than heavy waste, since its weight is less. The cost increases if the skip bin is hired for a longer period of time.

How much is it to hire a large skip?
The cost of the large skip bin which has a capacity of more than ten cubic metres will vary depending on whether it is used for light waste or heavy waste. Typically for a skip bin with light waste capacity 10 cubic meters, the cost for three days is $1000, and for heavy waste, the cost will be approximately $100 more. Please note that there are a number of companies offering skip bins for hire, and their rates for hire of skip bins will vary greatly.

How much is skip hire for a day?
The cost of the skip bin varies greatly depending on the capacity and type of waste. Typically, for the smallest capacity skip bin, the hire charges for a day are usually approximately $100. For a larger skip bin of capacity ten cubic metres or more, the charges for a day will be approximately $330.

Can clothes go in a skip?
Unwanted clothes can be dumped in the skip bin. In this case, it is advisable to ensure that the skip bin hired is for light waste, since the weight of the clothes is less